Thursday, 22 March 2012

White Hat Technique by Seo Expert

In search engine optimization two types of techniques are used by seo expert called white hat seo and black hat seo. The techniques recommended by search engines are white hat seo and the techniques not approved by search engines are black hat seo. White hat seo is a natural way to rank a website and the results produced by white hat seo last a long time. While in black hat seo we get instant results and we may able to rank our website higher in search engines results.  Once the search engines discover it that the website is ranked higher using black hat seo the website will be temporarily or permanently banned.  I am going to give you brief description of white hate seo.
An organic seo expert technique is considered white hat if that technique confirms the guidelines of search engine and no dissimulation. White hate seo is not only follow the guidelines of search engines we have to make sure that the content indexed by the search engines is the same content that a user will see. We can say that create content for users not for search engines and make the content search engines friendly and make it easily accessible for the spider to crawl it. When the crawler of the search engines crawl a website it is saved in the databases of search engines database and shown is the results whenever a keyword is entered in the search box.
So do white hat organic seo on your website to produce long time results.

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