Thursday, 23 February 2012

Understanding Search Engines and SEO

What are search engines SEO? This is hot topic nowadays. Every company wants his website at the top in search engine ranks; because 90% of the internet users will type their required query in search tab and at the execution of query 99% users will click on first 5 search results. So to increase the regular visitors and the traffic of your business website , one needs to understand the search engines’ working.
How the Search engines work? The search engine bots visits your website to look at your website Meta tags, keywords, content of your site etc to know how well your site is optimized. The search engine crawlers also consider your website back links, the page rank of back links, number of visitors visiting your site, and much more. In order to get your website higher in search engine rank, select the relevant and low competition keywords, make your website content unique and never copy the content from other sites it can be unethical and dangerous  for your website. The search engines SEO experts work together to bring your website at above. The back links are vital for your site ranking, it is like in real life support of a high profile person supports your standing on the web. Likewise a link from a high rank site is a plus point for your ranking.
Now the SEO part, Search engine optimization is necessary for making your page search engine friendly and also user-friendly. SEO consist of two phases 1) On page 2) Off page optimization, after making site friendly for the search engines now look for healthy back links and start back link building to make your site appear in SERPs. White hat Search Engines Optimization tactics will definitely rank your site higher in search engines and would get valuable business for you.

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